What We Have Done For Others
Here is a sampling of the replacement parts and dies we have manufactured
for various customers, along with their applications

Color Key
Machine Parts
Wear Parts
Dies & Punches
Tungsten carbide pelletizing blades 1, 4, 5 Trimming composite materials
Tungsten carbide knife and anvil 2, 3 Cutting cellophane for cigar wrappers
Tantalum carbide-tipped punch 6 Manufacturing automotive intake/exhaust valves
Tungsten carbide metering plungers 7, 8, 9 Used in the food industry
Tungsten carbide wire guides 10, 11,12 Manufacturing various wire materials
Silicon carbide nozzles 13 Used in environmental waste treatment plants
Tungsten carbide valves and seats 14, 15, 16 Used in various industries, ranging from oil and gas to food equipment & industrial machinery
Tungsten carbide and nickel carbide nozzles 17 Used in fluid metering applications

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